Suburban Legend

It’s a suburban legend.
Who knows what the
housewife did? Life
must be wild in
the suburbs – away
from others. I heard
the suburbs are
different from the city.
Legend has it, the suburbs
have no legends at all.
Life seems cool and calm
on the outside. Outside
of the city, there are not
legends. There are only
truths – no imagination.
In the suburbs, I heard
no one leaves, but that
is just an urban legend.
Life is life and suburbs
are suburbs. It’s absurd
there are not suburban
legends that I’ve heard.

Growing Up

Find out what happens to Jaxson. Does he ever get found? What will happen to Lawrence’s basketball career? Find out in the short story, Growing Up. This story is a continuation of a story called The Backstreet. It is necessary to read The Backstreet before you read Growing up, so you can understand important contextual details.
Enjoy and thanks for reading!

JMac’s Favorite Poems

Hello all,

Because I have written over 115 poems, I felt like it was time to put some of my favorites into a chapbook. I have chosen poems that meant a lot to me. I also chose poems that were well received by people that read them. Thanks for reading my poems; I write for me, but I always keep you in mind. All Love! Without further ado, I present you

JMac’s Favorite Poems

A Series of Short Stories

I took a very small break from poetry to finish up some old short stories. I went back and revised the previous drafts. Without further ado, I present you five stories:

1. The Backstreet
2. Growing Up
3. Monsters
4. My Light
5. Gone

A Series of Short Stories

The Reunion

Today is the day. We all get together.
There’s so much to say. It can’t get better.
To see you all again, it means the most.
We are now men, the game show hosts.
So much time has flown on by.
The sun still shined when clouds cried.
We are here now on this very day.
We made a vow to remain the same.
This reunion is the only thing I need:
To feel the same – to fan the flame.
We have grown and flown from home.
We all drifted apart with the same heart.
Yesterday was the day we all met.
When we met, it felt like no one left.
This reunion was much needed
as our love is deeply rooted.