Eyes of Fire

I look in the mirror and I see 
eyes of fire staring back at me. 
I feel warmth burn from within. 
There’s a fire creating heat 
that forces me to my feet. 
The ice in my veins melts away 
the second I head on my way. 
In the mirror, I see flames 
become untamed. When I turn 
around, nothing is the same. 
My eyes of fire ignite my sight. 
These eyes of fire feel right.

Ghost Writer

The pen bleeds black

into my DNA.

Unable to erase

my yesterday.

Poisoned by the ink

carelessly used

by every writer

and those they knew.

I try to remove

your permanent marks

left on me

as my life embarks.

I saw your veins

filled with doubt

before you saw

your way out.

The marks you left

celebrated your pain

and the marks I kept

remain the same.

I often ask why

you penned my story.

But now is my time

and there’s no hurry.

My veins run black

like the pen I hold

as I become

the story that you told.