Wise Guys

I know a few wise guys.
They know things
most couldn’t imagine.
They wear sunglasses
to hide their eyes
from the sun. Because
they are wise guys,
they don’t need to
listen or fall in line.
They do all things
on their own time.
They wear top hats
to conceal their brains
because looking from
the outside in would
really just be insane.
These wise guys like
to get a rise out of
anyone silly enough
to get caught in a web
of complex sentences
euphuisms, or idioms.
Wise guys wake up and
fist-bump themselves,
doing anything that helps
them begin to win.
I know a few wise guys.
They know how to be
people I cannot believe.

Into the Night

I live for the night. I always stay up.
I stay up as others lay down;
I find peace in a sleeping town.
The night time is the right time
to face the dark side of the day.
I like staying up deep into the night.
I feel alive when I walk empty streets.
I love sitting in a row of empty seats.
When I stay up, I see lights turn off.
I am awake to hear something
quickly turn into nothing. I am awake
to bring the only light into the night.
I am here to do my work out of sight.
I live for the night: What can I say?
My light does not shine during the day.

Sleeping in

I have slept in, missing the sun,

I excuse the fact I don’t see morning.

Pain crept in when I was done:

before my dreams started forming.

By the time I wake, I make a mistake

and start to feel bad for my self.

I face my self, taking my mind away

to a place that seems to always help.

I sleep away my day to dream of change.

My eyes stay shut as my mind opens.

I enter my mind and set the stage

and try to feel the way I was hoping.

I sleep in only to waste my day

in a quiet state and a single place.

When will I wake, what will I say?

I rise to my feet at an easy pace.