A Grey Elephant

A grey elephant sits on top a large rock –
about the same size as him. The sun begins
to rise. Both stay still – waiting to take something
on. The rock stays put; it never was alive.
The grey elephant lives and is feeling alright.
The grey elephant knows he does not want to be
like that rock. He wants to use his trunk and play.
The elephant moves from atop his rock.
The elephant decides to start his long walk.

The Lost City

I’ve been to many places

and nothing seems like home.

I’ve seen old and young faces

Reliving memories as I roam.

The city was great-

as well as its people,

but it’s too late

for the city lost soul.

Spirits became weak

in the city;

We lost our way through the years.

How I feel seems to be fitting

as the truth quickly became my fears.

The city soon fell;

Locals had to move away.

What is left are the stories I tell;

I will find another city someday.