take your time

Don’t forget to take your time

before someone takes it for you.

Breathe. Relax. This game is life

goes so fast. Smile. Laugh. Sit

back before the chickens hatch.

Enjoy your time and others will

too. Take your time. Go. Live

your life, and I will live mine.

Together, we can take small steps

on the stairwell to eternity. Then,

we will know how it feels to be

free. Look ahead: not at a watch.

Forget all that you were taught.

Don’t rush. Be patient. Say that

it will work out. Say that

it will be fine taking your time.

Father Time

Don’t hit fast-forward.
Don’t press rewind.
Press play and watch
memories from the past
come to life. Take it
slow and pay attention
to the days that pass by
most of our closed eyes.
Look too far and miss
today. Don’t look at all
as our doubts grow tall.
Don’t rush. In our lives,
things may come and go,
yet we will come to learn
there is more to know.
Father time has his hands
full with grains of sand
flowing to his sandals.
Only he knows when
his palms are empty.
Only we can know that
this life is a blessing.


We all have clouds that surround – clouds
that follow us home. Clouds are a part
of life. Most times, clouds never leave
us – or our sight. Not all clouds are bad.
Clouds will be clouds just like how
kids will be kids. Let them be. Let them
believe that they can be proud. Clouds
will guide us to where we need to go.
Allow clouds to be something we see
and need. Not all clouds are bad. Most
clouds want to be noticed. Clouds can
come and go, but they will always be
watching us for as long as we know.

Watch the Clock

Pay attention and narrow your vision

and see only things you wish to see.

Narrow your focus: What are you missing?

Allow your vision to let things be.

Don’t stare too long, you might miss out

on life passing by your very face.

You may not know what will come about;

You must think hard about your fate.

Live in the moment and feel alive.

Time is something that doesn’t expire.

When times get tough, you must climb

to the very top and out of the fire.

Be true to yourself, you can count on that.

You must focus on what you control.

Count your blessings: just not too fast;

the glass can wait to be half-full.

Don’t be late: don’t watch the clock.

You just might miss your chance to shine.

When the time comes, please don’t talk

and watch yourself turn out fine.