Tough Skin

Callaced and rough, tough
skin cuts when touched.
Tough skin worn by men.
Holding axes, shovels, and
tools makes you tough.
Sometimes, it is enough.
Other times, the man hides
behind his tough skin.
It is not manly to be soft.
Have you heard this before?
Women can’t be tough.
It is not womanly to chop
down a tree. Women must
plant seeds. Who says I can’t
be soft? I am tired of being
tough. I think men should be
sensitive, too. All men’s tears
should water the seeds, while
women tear weeds. We must
break free from norms and
set forms that used to be.
We can be tough, rough, soft,
or hard. We can live together
with our skin and talk about
the places we have been.

Without a Doubt

Without a doubt,
I love you.
I love the way you are.
Without a doubt,
you help the sun
come out.
I love the way
you are. Pretty
and witty.
I love that.
Without a doubt,
you make me
crazy – just crazy.
You make me
feel amazing.
Without a doubt,
you are my love.
You brighten
my day. I say,
without a doubt,
I love the way
you are. You
should know
my love for you
will always grow.

Self Love

Do you love yourself

the way I love you?

Do you need help

to love yourself too?

I battle to become loved:

a battle I often lose.

I trust myself – it is tough;

I’m the one in my shoes.

I’ve loved and laughed

but I’ve lost myself.

I’ve thought and sat

as I’ve barely felt.

I’ve been lost and now I’m here

and now I can see I’m in the clear.

I’ve found love and looked within;

I’ve found love in places I been.

Let me ask, is life a task?

Please take off any masks.

Life is life. I don’t know much.

All I know is I lost my touch.

I’ve ran out of love. It’s what I need.

Teach me to love, that’s what I plead.

Life is hard, but I must succeed –

Show me how to plant this very seed.

First, you will learn to accept,

Move on, and know what’s left.

Find love and give it to yourself

before you need someone else.

Smile… it may take awhile –

Continue to love for every mile.

I love myself and you should too.

before the wrong people do.


I Love You and Always Love Yourself