1. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.



Thanks for taking interest in the page. I am sure you are wondering what I post and what the dream is. Well, the best way I can explain the dream is by creating poems and other works that embody my view of the world. I can express myself and my feelings towards the reality I live in by telling stories and communicating ideas that you might be familiar with. The dream must stay alive and must manifest itself in my writing. I want to not only inform others about the powerful impact we can have on the world, but I want people to relate to my writing. I will be writing poetry, short stories, random thoughts, album/song/concert reviews, lyrics, and whatever random thought/ideas pop inside my head. I am a believer that each person must follow their dreams to fully live a fulfilled life. The things that I post represent the struggles I have endured and the awesome experiences I have had and the great times to come. Each day is a new dream and I hope you enjoy my writing. Jah Bless and don’t be a stranger.