The Zoo in You

We are boxed in from the day we begin.
Living in exhibits created by others.
We are boxed in, both ladies and men.
It is the same for both fathers and mothers.
The one track mind stays on repeat
and no one seems to change the song.
We tried so hard to move our feet
but we failed to leave our seat.

Self Love

Do you love yourself
the way I love you?
Do you need help
to love yourself too?

I battle to become loved:
a battle I often lose.
I trust myself – it is tough;
I’m the one in my shoes.
I’ve loved and laughed
but I’ve lost myself.
I’ve thought and sat
as I’ve barely felt.

I’ve been lost and now I’m here
and now I can see I’m in the clear.
I’ve found love and looked within;
I’ve found love in places I been.
Let me ask, is life a task?
Please take off any masks.

Life is life. I don’t know much.
All I know is I lost my touch.
I’ve ran out of love. It’s what I need.
Teach me to love, that’s what I plead.
Life is hard, but I must succeed –
Show me how to plant this very seed.

First, you will learn to accept,
Move on, and know what’s left.
Find love and give it to yourself
before you need someone else.
Smile… it may take awhile –
Continue to love for every mile.
I love myself and you should too.
before the wrong people do.

I Love You and Always Love Yourself


Lost in Thought (L.I.T)

I swim freely in the ocean
derived from my thoughts.
Blue, vast, and open…
Just picture me floatin’.
I swim circles
in my thoughts.
The Waters have no end
and it doesn’t mend.
Afraid to drown,
I look for help – I cry out.
I don’t pretend.
Little did I know; I was alone.
My swim turns into a float
on my back,
I face the angry sun.
This was before
I bumped your boat.
That’s when my life begun.
My cry for help
echoed and carried
to another swimmer
I’m no longer afraid.
Above the water
is where we’ll stay.

A Million Moods

Things. People. Moods
Faster than I blink.
Thoughts. Moods. Feelings
The way people think.
I have felt a million moods –
Each mood is apart of me.
I have moods with attitudes
Affecting me and how I see.
Life passed on with time gone;
I still feel a million moods.
I still feel both right and wrong
and a dying need to feel you too.

Molly’s Moment

Reality is shifting. Can I adjust?
Spirits are lifting. Who to trust?
Perception altered. Time went fast.
Memories fade: Some unscathed.
I journey home. I forever roam.
Visions look different.
Nothing’s the same –
Yet I remain
on a journey
to find home.
Hours, days, and weeks go by
And I look at the same sky.
Molly’s moment feels so right.
This is her moment; This is her night.

No Harm No Foul

Why mess with something
that minds its own?
Don’t call someone
who hates the phone.
Receive harm
and stop
before giving it back.
Avoid the top
and stay on track.
See the pain
before it’s shown.
Fan the flame
away from home.
Please Don’t
Harm others;
Focus and breathe.
Inhale and smile:
Enough is Enough.
Don’t curse the rain!
No Harm. No Foul.
Live and Learn.
Appreciate the candle
as it burns.