Brace for Impact

Full speed ahead: Time is ticking.

Hold on tight: Time is flying.

Close your eyes to see what’s missing:

Open your ears to always be listening.

Recall your life the best you can.

There’s not much time. Believe me.

Call your friends and lend a hand

So in the end, you’ll be free.

The pain ahead – it’s very real:

So is the life I have lived.

As I get closer, I begin to feel

The misery I have missed.

There’s no stopping it: you live and die.

Your heart’s throbbing. It’ll be okay.

You’re confused; you ask why?

“It’ll be okay” is what I say.


He who fights does what’s right.
He who weeps loses sleep.
He who sleeps loses sight.
He who fights makes it right.

He who runs avoids the sun.
He who sits understands himself.
He who cries ends up wise.
He who lies loses size.

He who travels seldom unravel.
He who loves notices doves.
He who seeks isn’t weak.
He who helps needs help himself.

He is lost but knows what’s right.
He is searching all day and night.
He is learning to narrow his sight.
He is turning darkness to light.

He has fought with nothing lost
to become a warrior in his battle.
He was trained to win his fight –
to beat enemies who appear in life.

Stained Glass

The image I painted looks so strange;
I don’t know where I went wrong.
I continue to stare: hoping for change.
My eyes have been hurting for too long.

What am I seeing? My version of you?
I stayed grounded when time flew.
I wanted clear skies when I felt blue.
I painted an image all too true.

The image I saw started to fade;
I still picture it the way it looked.
The canvas I used creates a shade.
I still watch your movie as I’m booked.

I paint an image before I leave.
I stared and stared as time passed.
I paint an image before I leave
as everything blackens all too fast.

Day Before Last

I’ve counted the days
and now I’ve stopped.
I’ve gone many ways
to get to the top.
I’ve seen the days fly by
in front of my eyes
to only realize
my dream’s demise.
I’ve learned so much –
What to do with it?
Memories go untouched
in a place, they sit.

Three, then two, then one

Now, it is the day before last
And I don’t know where to go.
I’ve lived my days all too fast
with regrets only I will know.

Wishful Thinking

Over and again, I wish it was different.
I want you to feel better.
You are always curious about where I went,
but the way it was didn’t last forever.
This reoccurring scene is stuck on repeat
and it changed the way I live my life.
This heavy song still plays off-beat
from bright mornings to darker nights.
I truly wish for you to be happy;
I hope you find some peace at last.
I find that my feet are still tapping
to a familiar song from my past.

The Lost City

I’ve been to many places
and nothing seems like home.
I’ve seen old and young faces
Reliving memories as I roam.
The city was great-
as well as its people,
but it’s too late
for the city lost soul.
Spirits became weak
in the city;
We lost our way through the years.
How I feel seems to be fitting
as the truth quickly became my fears.
The city soon fell;
Locals had to move away.
What is left are the stories I tell;
I will find another city someday.