Curvy hills cut into the still black night.

I coast through tree paths peaking

higher than buildings. Arms of trees

crowded walkways. Branches scraped

while my back locked straight, knees bent,and shoulders

divorced. Chest exposed. My heart expanded

like a balloon and deflated after

another push. My head is extended past

my body’s frame like a giraffe’s. My arms

thrown back like a skier. As I moved

my right foot slightly, the grip tape

removed red felt off my shoe.

You take a part of me.

I raised my left knee to my chest

then stomped it down

removing pebbles from their previous

spot. Forceful breezes broke

up my swooped-to-the-side

hair and appointed each half of bangs

to separate sides.

The wind pushed through my eyelashes

and vacationed in my eyes for a few minutes.

My ears could of shattered with one flick,

but the sound of fast kept them intact.

Halfway down the hill,

my trucks became seasick and turned a

stable skateboard into undecided piece

of wood. I had my arms to my side and

knees bent lower than before.

I looked like a bad dancer preparing

to perform a surf move. Gravel sliced into

rubber wheels peeling off

stringy pieces.

Six full wheel rotations later, a rock

lodged itself in between wheel and ground

sending me upwards. My shoulder stained the gravel red

I look up and see my victorious friends.

My scraped elbows and gravel

infused in my

hands showed a mangled boy.

Feeling the roads bumps  and a skateboard’s mystery

showed me I still feel.

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