Kill them with Kindness

You have never killed anyone with weapons
of hate. You have killed those with kindness
so great. Nothing hurts more than being nice.
To feel alive and free is the only way to be.
There is a choice to kill off that voice –
to kill them with kindness – to feed the mindless.
Your life seems timeless when you kill them
with kindness, with heart. No need to part
with what got you so far. The kindness you give
will allow you to live. The hate you create
is the voice you make. Understand your plan
before others can. Before you save them,
turn the lights dim. Understand the dark
before you see art. Appreciate your life
to be the brightest light. You must kill them
with kindness. Kill the hate. Don’t think twice
to be nice. Put the fire out with a little ice.

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