Writing in the Rain

Rain dropped from the rooftops.
Some brought their umbrellas.
Others couldn’t see the rain coming.
People couldn’t handle being wet,
yet this is where their life was set.
For a second, everybody felt
the same way about something.
Rain touched every person there.
As others felt the rain turn to pain,
I wanted to write in the rain –
to wash away any stains.
I wrote in the rain and got soaked;
Writing in the rain helped me grow.
I felt ease with the rainy breeze.
I knew I was different; You did too.
My paper got wet; I didn’t stop.
I wanted to feel every raindrop.
I wanted to feel the rain as I knew
the rain would pass. It didn’t last.
Not before long, the rain stopped.
The sun arrived after some time.
My wet clothes dried quickly.
I looked down at my clothes;
I felt happy to see and know
the rain washed away my stains.

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