War Zone

I am at war with myself.
The war zone is in my brain.
Enemies hide in trenches
with all their henchmen.
I can’t stand the battle
that consistently rattles
my head. The war proceeds
without any help from me.
This is a war I can’t see.
Who will win? Will it matter
when all is gone – destroyed?
Will I be able to rebuild?
I hope I can send my troops
home – far from a war zone.

4 thoughts on “War Zone”

    1. I would relate it more so to the conflict within the mind and how it can become exhausting. No degradation, just the possibility of feeling at ease with less stress and doubt. I wanted to illustrate that we have conflicting thoughts and emotions in us that wear us down. Maybe the poem is about acceptance of past events and life? Open to interpretation! Thanks for reading!

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