Unspoken Words

Those who don’t speak
seek words that work.
Unspoken words dance
inside a musical mind
when they get the chance.
Unspoken words are not
heard but still can hurt.
Unspoken words are
thoughts that are caught
in a neurological web.
Unspoken words don’t
occur. They conquer
our ability to express.
They remain suppressed.
Let unspoken words
become spoken thoughts.
Free the words you keep
buried. Speak unspoken
words, so they are heard.
Speak words and don’t
just hear them: listen.
Listen and allow words
to be spoken – thoughts
to be expressed. Release
the words from within
and don’t forget to listen.

5 thoughts on “Unspoken Words”

  1. Freedom of Speech, eh? I side with it.

    A thought, an idea, is the origin behind all diversity. Were diverse speech and discussion omitted from the world, then thoughts are soon suppressed. When that happens, all manner of diversity is soon killed away.

    Someone once asked me if I prefer the “diversity” of a library’s books, or the “diversity” of foods upon a restaurant menu. I said to them, “I prefer both. It is because they both came into existence as ‘diversity’, from a thought, or an idea.”


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