last night

Last night seems so far away.

Time has gone by the wayside.

The morning has arrived. Now,

what’s left are memories from

what was done. Time to look

ahead as I build up the courage

to get out of bed. Dreams, sleep,

and time separate last night

from this morning. Now, birds

are singing. Most are soaring.

We never know when last night

will be our last night. Wrong

or right, the transition to day

brings us closer to the light.

Life isn’t promised or guaranteed.

Tonight could be my last night.

Odds are it won’t be. But, life

is unpredictable as entering

the void is inevitable. Still,

I do what I can to love: to fill

my soul with love and passion.

Don’t forget about last night,

but enjoy the morning. Enjoy

the past, the future, the present

before asking where the time went.

5 thoughts on “last night”

  1. I like poetry but I am not too good at it — but you are — and that is a delight to me. I was counting the meter on this one but I cannot figure it out — what is the style of “Last Night?” You are inspiring me to play with poetry again.

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    1. Wow! Thank you for the kind words! So, what I usually do is keep my meter consistent throughout each line! I try to keep the syllable count similar in each line. At this point, it just happens naturally as I don’t count the syllables anymore or think too much of the meter. I just try to make sure it flows well. I kind of free style it, but a rule of thumb is each line is consistent with syllables (last night varies from 7-9 syllables). Also, sprinkle in rhyme midway of end of line! Also, just let it flow! I’ll follow you and be sure to read your new poetry!

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      1. I enjoyed reading your poem! Definitely keep writing. You have a good theme! Good imagery. Next time, try smashing the stanzas together. It surprisingly makes a difference when you play with the aesthetic of the poem. Also, try breaking away from the traditional AB AB or AA/BB rhyme scheme to make it less predictable; it is good to keep readers guessing, but other than that, it was a great read and the content was on point. Just some thoughts as poetry is objective and that is what makes it fun! Breaking away from the normal structure is a good challenge and don’t be afraid to not rhyme at points! Great job, friend – keep writing!

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      2. I am so sincerely grateful for your constructive suggestions and I will endeavor to make good us of them. Thank you so very much. Have a blessed day.


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