Life has been good! Yesterday was my 23rd birthday (May 28, 2018) and I received the worst sunburn of my life. Ya boi was on a boat. I am at a good point in my life. I have several big events coming up; I have 2 graduations (Mine, at CWU, and the High School Seniors) to attend and many new places to go. I am still writing poetry and doing what I can to stay the person I am. I am still making music as often as I can. 23 and still growing. I have had quite the experience in college and I have loved my first year of teaching. It has been very hard being this young and influential, but I am happy to help the students become better versions of themselves. Going straight from student teaching to a full-time job has been difficult, but the memories I have made has put me in a position where I am always growing. I love my friends, family, and challenges that surround my life. Big things are happening and you bet my dream is manifesting.

Peace and love,

Jesse McDaniel

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