Razer Blades and Cupcakes

My wings have been cut
and taken away.
Nothing can fix this,
not even cupcakes.
You took my ability
to appreciate things.
I no longer fly
because you cut my wings.
How can I explore now?
I don’t care
that these cupcakes are free.
The sky was mine.
I was meant to shine;
It’s just too bad;
You took away my time.
You cut my wings:
the most hurtful act.
I cut your strings.
How else do I to react?
I have struggled
to grow my wings back.
It has taken years
to re-learn to fly.
You brought cupcakes:
but why?
You should know
to not even try.
You cut my wings,
but I know not to cry
cause’ I have the strength
to re-enter the sky.

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